Sunday, October 12, 2008

Golden Reading Time

Another sunny Sunday here in Maine. This is our last weekend at camp and I'm glad the weather is gorgeous. I'll be hitting the beach one last time until next May. Sad, sad, sad!

I started this book while I was sitting on the beach last Sunday. The temp was in the high 50's and windy. I had a windbreaker on over a fleece and wrapped my towel around my legs. BUT, I couldn't leave! The book just grabbed me and wouldn't let go!

I read over half of it right there and it was a delightful fairy tale. I finished it in bed later that evening. I like a quick gulp of a read like this once in a while.

The following picture was taken Wednesday night when my daughter came up to visit with our granddaughter, Kylie. She just loves books and snagged Grampy to read a story to her.


Cheryl said...

Yeah the weather here is starting to get cold at night.

Very cute granddaughter

Dar said...

Ahhhh, Kylie looks so sweet all snuggled in with Grampy-she is just so adorable.

I loved Sundays at Tiffany's. It's a great book. I can't wait for his next romance novel. I see you're reading Third Degree now. I really liked that one. I'm curious to see what you're thoughts on it will be.

I hope you have a nice time camping and on the beach. I wish. It is so cold here now I'm already wearing gloves. Eeeeeeeeeeeek-I know.

Anonymous said...

Now that a terrific picture of Gary and Kylie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Kylie is teaching Gary how to read!