Monday, January 30, 2012

The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party

Aaaaahhhhh, it feels so good to travel to Botswana, again! I've missed Mma Remotswe, Mr. JLB Matakoni, Mma Mikutsi, and all the rest of the characters in this series.

I've actually had this book for a while, now, but had to be in the right mood to read it.  And, last week was it.

In this edition, Mma Remotswe has to solve the mystery of who is cutting the legs off a man's cattle, Mma Mekutsi is preparing for her wedding to Phuti Radiphuti, and Charlie, the mechanic apprentice, must deal with the birth of twin sons.

As always, the writing is sweet and the comments about life are simple and make so much sense.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Private #1 Suspect

Another predictable read from James Patterson.  Jack Morgan owns Private, an investigative business.  After a trip he comes home to find his ex-girlfriend dead in his bed.  He's arrested for her murder and must spend the rest of the book trying to prove his innocence. 

There are a couple other plotlines running through, too, but none are very memorable. 

It's a good thing I decided to write about this book right away or I'd have forgotten about it entirely.

Somebody shoot me if I buy another James Patterson book, please!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Catching Up

Holy cow, I've been neglecting this blog!  My granddaughter ended up staying with us for almost a month and I didn't have much time to read with her around...except for her books.  We've been going through the Junie B. Jones series and read about ten of them.  Love that Junie B.!  Sometimes I get to laughing so hard, I can't read.

But she's gone, now, and I read a book in two days after she left.  But, first, Kill Alex Cross.  As is usual with a James Patterson book, this was a quick read.  I read it about a month and a half ago so don't remember it very well; his books tend to all blur!  I do remember that Alex must solve the disappearance of the President's two children.  There was another part to the plot that put Alex's family in danger, too.  Very typical but I do love his family.

I read good reviews about this book so downloaded it but, for some reason, I'm having a hard time finishing it.  Margo is left parent less and takes off on the river to find her mother.  She's a survivor and does what she has to do to make it through the winters which includes sleeping with whomever will protect her. 

It's beautifully written but I can't seem to feel too sorry for Margo.  I'm pretty sure I'll finish it just to find out what happens to her, of these days!

I saw that this book is being made into a movie so thought I'd read it first.  It's a series of letters written by Kevin's mom to her divorced husband a couple years after Kevin murders several kids in his high school.  I love epistolary novels and, being a high school English teacher for 30 years, I also love stories about teenagers.

But, OMG!, Kevin's mom is so long winded!  It's a very tedious read and I might get through it some day.

I get emails from Amazon almost every day offering their best books and this one was touted as the best for January so I downloaded it....and devoured it!

Hazel and Augustus are teenagers who meet at a cancer support group.  Hazel has thyroid cancer with lung complications.  It is terminal but she is buying some time with a new drug.  Gus had his leg amputated and is doing really well.  They are both quirky and fall in love even though they know they are only going to get hurt.

This is a wonderfully-written book.  I gulped it!  Both main characters are likable and, yes, I blubbered at the end.

So, now, I'm not sure what to read.  I've got another James Patterson, Private #1 Suspect, and will probably go on to that one even though I'm getting pretty darn bored with his books. 

I miss my Kylie girl and our nightly Junie B. Jones visits!