Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Fun Week

Here it is another Sunday already. My vacation just flew!

Kylie came to visit for three days and we read this book several times. She loves it! I know there is a second book about Ladybug Girl so I hope to buy it for her soon.

Lulu is Ladybug Girl and she has to figure out a way to entertain herself. Her big brother won't let her play with him ("He's a brat!" says Kylie.) so she makes her own fun and has a great time.

In between playing with Kylie, I read snatches of The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. I'm a little late getting to this book since it's been out for awhile but it just never appealed to me. A friend lent me the book so I decided to give it a try and loved it.

Each little lesson is gently illustrated with a story. I had to wipe tears away quite a few times. I'm glad I read it a little bit at a time because it gave the ideas time to sink in.

Back to school tomorrow for 7 weeks and then it's summer vacation time!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Good Reading Week

Good morning. The sky is an uninterrupted blue, the sun is sparkling, and I'm on April vacation. There is nothing swweter than a Sunday when I don't have to go to school the next day.

I had a good reading week and finished two books. The weather was so nice that I was able to sit on the porch each afternoon to read. I know I could read in the house, too, but, there are always so many distractions that I find it hard to settle down.

Of course, one of the books was by James Patterson and you know how quick they are to read. I really enjoyed it, though! Alex Cross has to go to Nigeria and Sierra Leone to hunt down a killer and his experiences there really opened my eyes to what is occuring there. Unbelievable!

This was a fast read, too, because I just couldn't put it down and stayed up reading in bed last night until I finished it.

Casey Marshall is in a coma from a car accident but she can hear and what she hears from her devoted husband, wayward sister, and friends scares her to death. Death being the key word here because someone wants Casey dead but how can she protect herself when she can't see or even move?

Hope everyone has a good reading week!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Nice Light Read

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it! Happy Sunday to everybody else!

This book was a riot! It was light and hilarious. When Raquel Rose is diagnosed with breast cancer, her life changes for the better. Her husband notices her again, her children stop treating her like a maid, and her mom pays the attention to her that she's always heaped on Raquel's sister, Lauren. So, when the doctor tells her that the lab made a mistake and she doesn't really have cancer, Raquel decides not to tell her family.

I loved this laugh-out-loud novel!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Good morning from northern NH. Winter is slowly giving up and spring is beginning to show her face. On Thursday evening we got the Weber out and charcoaled some hamburgers for the first time this season. Delish!

Yes! I finally finished this book. When I got home from school Thursday afternoon it was 57 degrees so I sat in the sun on the front porch and read until it was done.

This is not a book I could read quickly. The writing style is beautiful but it made me pay attention and slow down so I could savor every morsel of it.

It is narrated by Marion Stone. He and his twin brother were conjoined but separated at birth. They are born in Ethiopia to an Indian nun and an English doctor who work at a mission hospital. When their mother dies in childbirth and their father runs away, the boys are raised by two other doctors who also work at the mission.

They are very close until something happens that causes a rift in their relationship. What happens and how they deal with it makes for an extraordinary story.

The novel is rich in images of their country and its people but it never strays far from the story of the twins.

I cried several times at the end and had to keep wiping my eyes surreptitiously so the neighbors wouldn't get worried about me!