Thursday, June 27, 2013

Playing Catch Up, Again

I really wanted to like this book and at first I did but the further I got into it, the less and less I enjoyed it. It's reminiscent of Stephen King's writing but the main character just isn't lovable enough for me.

I can't remember her name but she has the ability to find lost things by riding her bike across this bridge. As the years go by, she ends up having to find a child who has been abducted by a nut case and taken to Christmasland in his old luxury car with the license plate: NOS4A2.

That's as far as I got....maybe someday I'll finish it...maybe not.

So, I needed something totally different and this fit the bill. I gulped it! Avery Daniels is in an airplane crash. When she wakes up, she's so injured that she can't speak or even move. A man is in her room calling her Carole. She has no way of communicating to him that she isn't his wife.

That night someone sneaks into her room and warns her not to change their plans which include her "husband's" death.

Plastic surgery is performed on her shattered face and she ends up looking just like Carole. By the time she can communicate the mistake, she decides not to, to try to protect her own life as well as that of her "husband."

Corny? Yes. Medically possible? Unlikely. Entertaining? Absolutely!

How could I resist a book with this title? No way! Peter Byerly is mourning the death of his young wife by secluding himself in the cottage they'd purchased in the English countryside. He's an antique book seller and can't resist visiting the old book shop in his village. There he finds, in between the pages of a book, a painting of his wife...but, it was painted in the 1800s.

And, thus begins his search for the artist and his subject. It will take him all the way back to William Shakespeare and solve the question of who really wrote Shakespeare's plays.

I was expecting this book to be stuffy but no way! I raced through it!

Yes, another James Patterson novel! His books are just so readable with nonstop action and heart.

John O'Hara, suspended FBI agent, is asked to look into the deaths of two honeymooners. Soon more honeymooners turn up dead.

Sarah Brubaker, another FBI agent, is asked to investigate a murder spree. The murderer is killing only men by the name of John O'Hara.

John and Sarah join forces to solve these two mysteries.

I laughed, I cried, I read it in one day.