Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Guilty Wives and Come Home

Yes, I bought another James Patterson novel! And, I'm glad I did because this one was pretty good.

Four friends head to Monte Carlo for a few days of R&R from their normal lives. They meet rich people and end up on a yacht. The next morning they are arrested for murder.

This book describes what it is like inside a French prison and what their court system is like. I found it very interesting....sort of like that TV show Locked Up Abroad.

Then I moved on to Come Home. This was another quick read. Jill is a pediatrician and mom. She's engaged to Sam. One night, her ex-stepdaughter appears out of nowhere asking Jill to help her solve her father's murder.

Jill has always felt guilty for not keeping in contact with Abby after her divorce from Abby's father so she reluctantly begins to help her while trying to balance her medical practice, her present family, and her past.

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Under the Dome

Hallelujah!  I finally finished all 1070 pages of Under the Dome!  It seemed to take me forever but I did enjoy it and never even considered quitting.

I almost didn't read it, though, since some of King's books haven't appealed to me like Cell.  I had the hardest time getting into that one.  So, when Under the Dome was first published, I read the description and didn't think it would be up my alley.

Then, just lately, I read some good things about it so decided it was time.  And I'm glad I did. 

Basically, it's about an invisible dome that descends over the small Maine town of Chester's Mill sealing everyone inside.  Some air gets through so they don't suffocate.  What makes this book so interesting is the magnifying glass through which we see the townsfolk.  King has such a gift for creating unique characters.

And there are plenty in the novel but it's really easy to keep them straight.  From the heroes like Dale Barbara, Rusty and Linda Everett, Julia Shumway, and teenager Joe McClatchey to the Hitler-like villians of Big Jim Rennie and his son Junior. 

I grew up in a small town barely sixty miles from where this novel is set and am very familiar with the area beause it's on my route to camp. But, even if I lived a thousand miles away, I would have enjoyed it just as much since King develops his characters so well.  His writing is just so darn...delicious!