Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Must Read

Woke up early and sat in bed to finish Crank by Ellen Hopkins.

All teenagers should read this book! It will scare them shitless!

Kristina is a shy 16-year old who goes to visit her father during summer vacation. He's a loser who doesn't keep track of her. She meets a guy who offers her drugs and she gets addicted. It chronicles her attempts to buy drugs and the lengths she would go to to get them once she gets home where her mom and stepdad try to hold her accountable.

Written in lively verse, it's a quick read but the images will stay with me for a long time.

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Table Talk said...

Hi Linda, thanks for visiting. As you will probably have noticed, I'm a great reader of YA fiction having taught it for years at undergrad. level. I haven't come across this one but it sounds interesting. I'll add it to the list. Have you read Melvin Burgess's book 'Junk', which is on a similar subject? It's very hard hitting and caused a lot of controversy when it was first published (1997?) but it is a brilliant look at what drug taking really leads to and also very cleverly written. Burgess is superb in his use of narrative voice. It's a feature of all his work.