Friday, October 29, 2010

Play Dead

I have a confession to make.  Amazon now has games for the Kindle and I dowloaded a couple of them.  BAD idea!  Instead of reading, now I find myself sitting there playing games.

That's why it took me so long to read Play Dead by Harlan Coben.  This is vintage Coben, a novel he wrote before he became famous.  Even though it shows his immaturity as a writer, I still enjoyed it.

Ex-model Laura Ayars and Celtic's basketball player David Baskin are on their honeymoon in Australia when David drowns while out swimming.  Laura is devastated but returns home to try to put her life back together.

The past, however, and David's death will not leave her alone.  She discovers that David transferred a large sum of money to a Swiss bank just hours before his death.  And why was her mother so against her marriage to David that they had to elope?

I saw the end coming but the journey to it was entertaining.

I finished this novel during Silent Reading in block two this morning.  What did I do during block three?  Yup, played a game!


Alexa said...

oooh I didn't know there were games for the Kindle. I may have to check them out :)

Jessica said...

Can we get a Kindle game review post? ;)

Literary Feline said...

Haha! I've got a couple of games on my nook, but I haven't played them very much--other than to try them out really. I can see how they could be addicting though.

I've still only ever read the one Coben book and do need to give him another read. I am glad you enjoyed this one.