Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Postcard Killers

It seemed to take me forever to get through this book.  We were so busy closing up camp and dealing with my husband's parents' issues.  But, now, things are settling down and I've got more time to read.

Jacob Kanon is a NYC police detective hunting for the killers of his daughter and her husband.  He is tracking them all across Europe.  Before each killing they send postcards to a newspaper reporter in the city of the killing-to-be.  In Stockholm Dessie Larsson receives a postcard from the killers.  She and Jacob join forces to find them.

This is a typical James Patterson novel with short chapters, unique antagonists, and likeable protagonists. 

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Jessica said...

Hope things settle down for you as fall/winter roll in!

Ok, book related - can you tell a difference between old Patterson and new co-written Patterson? Just curious, my friend and I were chatting about this the other day. Neither of us has picked up any new co-written Patterson.