Sunday, May 16, 2010

Robin and Ruby

We're at camp and the sun is shining through the oak and pine trees.  I rode my bike to the beach yesterday afternoon and read for an hour or so and it was wonderfully peaceful.  I hope to do the same today.

This was a free download from Amazon and I was a bit apprehensive about what kind of book it'd be but it turned out okay.  Different, though!  Robin and Ruby are siblings.  Robin is gay and Ruby is defiant.  It follows them during a weekend at the Jersey shore.  Ruby has disappeared and Robin and his friend George are trying to find her. 
This book contains quite explicit sex scenes.  In fact I was reading it at school during Silent Reading and was embarrassed even though the kids didn't know what I was reading.

The plot was a little slow but the writing was surprisingly good with lots of nice similes and metaphors, etc.

We're going to have breakfast outside on the picnic table in the sun.  Have a good week!


Literary Feline said...

An afternoon reading at the beach does sound nice! I hope you were able to do that again today, Linda. If the weather stays this nice, hubby and I are thinking of a trip to the beach next weekend.

I haven't heard of Robin and Ruby but it sounds interesting. I've been known to be glad no one can tell what I'm reading when I get to a steamy scene in a novel while I'm out in public. LOL

I hope you have a great week!

Magician Surrey said...

Thanks for the tips and what your reading, I am always looking for differnt books to read.

I have bookmarked your blog and will be back regularly.

Wedding Magician