Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Shadow of the Wind...and a Tuna!

It's going to be 90 degrees and humid here in Maine today. After a horrible July, August is turning out quite summery, finally!

My mom fell Friday morning and ended up in the hospital. The procedure for her back has been rescheduled for Monday.

This is a long book at almost 5oo pages so it took me awhile to finish it. It was worth it, though. Mystery, intrigue, love, humor, death. This novel has it all.

The foreign setting of Barcelona is fresh and I loved all the Spanish names. They add so much flavor.

I see that Carlos Ruiz Zafon has a new book out. I saw it at Border's and it looks like a winner, too, so I will have to pick it up sometime.

In other news, my husband caught a tuna on Thursday. It weighed in at over 600 lbs. and was 100 inches long. He fought it for almost 8 hours! This is the largest one he's ever brought in. The six-hundred pounders are usually in their prime and this one was fiesty and refused to give up. It pulled the boat backwards in circles for hours. My husband was soaked. Luckily he had a buddy with him to help. You can see more pictures here.

So, lots of excitement here. Just two more weeks of vacation before school resumes. I really need a little boredom so I'll be happy to go back to work. Hopefully, this week will be a beach and reading one!


Dar said...

Linda, I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. I'll keep her in my prayers-I keep hoping that she'll have some relief from this soon.

You know I can't get over that tuna. Wow! I showed the pic to my Dad and he was jealous. lol.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Hello Linda - thank you for your visit to my blog. Decided to come and pay a call on you too. Enjoyed this post and will be back for more. Do hope your Mom is OK. A

Reader Wil said...

Hi Linda! Thanks for your visit!
It's going to be a hot day here too and tomorrow we will have a downpour again, like we had a few weeks ago.
I hope your mum will soon be well.
I see that you are also a reader like I am, though I haven't got enough time to read for hours anymore.
What an enormous catch that tuna was! Amazing! Thanks for sharing your news!