Sunday, April 5, 2009


Good morning from northern NH. Winter is slowly giving up and spring is beginning to show her face. On Thursday evening we got the Weber out and charcoaled some hamburgers for the first time this season. Delish!

Yes! I finally finished this book. When I got home from school Thursday afternoon it was 57 degrees so I sat in the sun on the front porch and read until it was done.

This is not a book I could read quickly. The writing style is beautiful but it made me pay attention and slow down so I could savor every morsel of it.

It is narrated by Marion Stone. He and his twin brother were conjoined but separated at birth. They are born in Ethiopia to an Indian nun and an English doctor who work at a mission hospital. When their mother dies in childbirth and their father runs away, the boys are raised by two other doctors who also work at the mission.

They are very close until something happens that causes a rift in their relationship. What happens and how they deal with it makes for an extraordinary story.

The novel is rich in images of their country and its people but it never strays far from the story of the twins.

I cried several times at the end and had to keep wiping my eyes surreptitiously so the neighbors wouldn't get worried about me!


Literary Feline said...

Oo! I really want to read this one! It sounds like such a good book, and from your descriptions of it, I know I must read it. :-)

I am glad your weather is warming up some, Linda. My husband and I ventured out for a walk earlier today since the weather was so nice. Our dog loved it too. I hope you have a great week!

zetor said...

Sounds a great book.
Hope your good weather continues.

Dar said...

Now I really can't wait to get to this book. It sounds good, one to spend some time on though. Glad your weather is improving. Ours is starting to think about being springy too. lol. Have a great week!