Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Good Reading Week

Good morning. The sky is an uninterrupted blue, the sun is sparkling, and I'm on April vacation. There is nothing swweter than a Sunday when I don't have to go to school the next day.

I had a good reading week and finished two books. The weather was so nice that I was able to sit on the porch each afternoon to read. I know I could read in the house, too, but, there are always so many distractions that I find it hard to settle down.

Of course, one of the books was by James Patterson and you know how quick they are to read. I really enjoyed it, though! Alex Cross has to go to Nigeria and Sierra Leone to hunt down a killer and his experiences there really opened my eyes to what is occuring there. Unbelievable!

This was a fast read, too, because I just couldn't put it down and stayed up reading in bed last night until I finished it.

Casey Marshall is in a coma from a car accident but she can hear and what she hears from her devoted husband, wayward sister, and friends scares her to death. Death being the key word here because someone wants Casey dead but how can she protect herself when she can't see or even move?

Hope everyone has a good reading week!


zetor said...

Yes it really sounds like a good reading week, great books . I have never read a James Patterson book, this one sounds as though I'll be tempted. Hope you have a good week.

Dar said...

Glad you had a good reading week. I liked Still Life too although it wasn't my most favorite of hers-glad you liked it so much! I love when a book grabs me like that. Have a great week!