Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Salon

Can you believe I'm still reading Cutting for Stone? I'm really enjoying it but just haven't been able to carve out much reading time this week.

Plus, it's not the kind of book I can rush through. It takes place in Ethiopia and all the names are so...well, foreign! that it took me a while to become comfortable with them.

I'm over halfway and it's an excellent portrayal of twin brothers coming of age during Haile Selassie's reign. It's not heavy on politics, though.

Foggy and rainy here in northern NH today so, hopefully, I can curl up and read for a bit.


zetor said...

Hope you manage to turn a few pages. I'll try not to fall overboard! at least not into water but I have been known to leap off my chair! Have a good week.

rhapsodyinbooks said...

I hope you stocked up on kleenex for the last 150 pages or so! :--)

Literary Feline said...

Fitting in reading time has been a bit difficult for me too, although Friday's dentist visit helped with that. They make me wait quite a while before calling me back and then even once I'm in the dentist's chair. Every time.

I am glad you are still enjoying Cutting for Stone. The more you talk about it here, the more I want to read it. :-)

Have a great week, Linda!

C. R. Stone said...

I find rain reading comfortable. Hopefully you'll get a few more pages turned.