Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Good Read

Happy first Sunday in November, everyone! For some reason November feels like a reading month to me. The weather is generally lousy (around here, anyway) and I spend more time indoors.

I spent late yesterday afternoon and most of the evening reading Made in the U.S.A. by Billie Letts. It's the type of book I just couldn't put down. Lutie is 15 and her brother, Fate, is 11. Their mother is dead and their father is an alcoholic jerk who left them with his girlfriend and took off for Vegas to make his fortune. When she dies unexpectedly and wanting to avoid foster care, Lutie and Fate take off in the dead girlfriend's car to find their father. Their adventures in Sin City are something else!

I have to go to a baby shower this afternoon (Hate those things! If they start with the stupid games, I'm outa there!) so I don't know how much reading time I'll have, but I'm determined to carve out some to finish this book.


naida said...

I have that Billie Letts book in my TBR. Glad to hear its a good one.
I dont like baby showers They seem to last forever and seem to take up the entire day.
Enjoy your reading :)

Literary Feline said...

November has gotten off to a good start where I live. It's gloomy and wet outside--perfect! :-) I think a mug of hot cocoa is in order and maybe some cinamon finger toast . . .

I haven't yet read anything by Billie Letts, although I'm pretty sure I have one of her earlier books on my TBR shelf. Made in the U.S.A. sounds like a good one. I am glad you are enjoying it.

I hope the baby shower goes well (I'm not a big fan of them myself!) and have a great week!

Dar said...

I really want this book-it's the only one of hers I don't have. Glad you're enjoying it so much.