Sunday, November 16, 2008

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Another rainy Sunday here in northern NH. Good! I can curl up with a book and not feel guilty!

I've read other Anita Shreve books and loved them but this was one I just could not get into. I honestly didn't like any of the characters and had a hard time feeling empathy for them. It is well written but...

I didn't even finish it but skipped ahead and read the last chapter. I'm glad I did that!

Now, this book was great! It is light hearted and serious at the same time. Charley is Charlotte Webb and she writes a fluff column for a Miami newspaper. A woman on death row contacts her to write a book about her crime.

The writing is fast paced and I was never bored.


Dar said...

Testimony is a different kind of read. I did like the book although I didn't like the way it was written in bits and pieces of testimony. I would have preferred a continued story.

Now Charley's Web I really liked. I'm a fan of Joy Fielding and have read many of hers. Glad you enjoyed it. Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday.

Literary Feline said...

I am looking forward to reading both these books you mention. I'm sorry Testimony didn't work out for you. It'll be interesting to see what I think when I get to it. I enjoyed the one Anita Shreve book I read.

Cheryl said...

Don't feel bad as I didn't really care for this book as well.