Friday, August 29, 2008

My Week

It's been a busy week with teacher workshops, preparations for the start of school next Tuesday, and visiting my mom who is still in the hospital but mending nicely.

So, I've been reading the same book all week and am just about done.

This morning Sunday Scribblings posted "Somewhere..." as a prompt and I came up with the following poem about reading:


Every time I pick up a book
somewhere becomes real.

Each page is a wing;
each word a footstep.

Somewheres sit on my bookshelves,
a line of geographies.

Today I’m going to visit
the Boston area in two eras

as I finish The Bone Garden
by Tess Gerritsen, who is from Maine.

Tomorrow, another somewhere
will whisk me away.


Lilibeth said...

What a wonderful way to go somewhere from anywhere. My kind of transportation exactly.

Dar said...

I commented on your poem on the other blog-just wanted to say here that I hope your mom is ok. Good to hear she's on the mend.

Paula Weston said...

Great poem Linda. You definitely capture that sense of "place" you get better from books than any other story-telling medium (except, of course, poetry!).

mgirl said...

Very interesting description of Somewhere. It is amazing how we can be taken away "somewhere" with someone else's words.