Sunday, August 24, 2008

Horror, anyone?

Gautami has started this no-obligations meme.

1) When did you first encounter horror stories? About 30-40 years ago I started reading Stephen King's novels

2) What kind of horror stories work for you? I like ones that begin in normal everyday life but then get ghostly so that it seems believable.

3) Do you believe in ghosts? Yes

4) If yes, have you encountered any ghosts? When/Where? We used to have one living in our home. He was friendly. See here.

5) Have you been scared out of your pants reading one? No, but my heart has skipped a few beats here and there!

6) Can you read horror stories after midnight and alone? Yes, except usually my eyes are too tired, dammit!

7) Can you recommend a few horror story authors? Dean Koontz, Stephen King (his early stuff)


Dar said...

This sounds fun. I think I'll post on it tomorrow. I do love a good horror once in a while. I have a few Stephen King ones I want to get to and I have the brand new John Saul novel burning a hole in my nightstand.

I did not realize you had a poetry blog but I do now and it's been added to my google reader.

Literary Feline said...

I am really picky about the horror novels I read. I like the psychological suspense but not the gory bloody kind. I've read a couple of Koontz books and reall enjoyed them (one wasn't really what I would call a horror novel though). I've also read two Stephen King books and liked one but found the second on a little over the top. I do hope to read more by him. I've heard The Stand is really good.

Paula Weston said...

I read an enormous amount of Stephen King as a teenager (what is it about teenagers and horror??), right up until the Dark Half. I also read quite a bit of Koontz. I think my all-time favourite horror story would be The Throat by Peter Straub... I think King, with his pop culture references, was perfect for the 80s, but haven't read anything of his for years, so I could be doing him an injustice if his writing has changed over the years. Interesting to see your answers to the questions.