Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I don't know why I hesitated to read this series by Harlan Coben because I love his writing. But, I'm glad I finally downloaded it and I read it one day!

Mickey Bolitar's dad is dead and his mom is in rehab so he has to live with his uncle, Myron. He hates Myron but knows he has no place else to go.

Mickey starts a new school and even has a new girlfriend but when she disappears, he and his quirky, nerdy friends decide to investigate.

Even though this is a YA novel, it reads like an adult one. Harlan Coben is just so masterful! He creates characters who are fun and real and this book just has so much heart.

In fact, as soon as I finished it, I downloaded the second one that was just released and I'm halfway through it.

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