Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Last to Die

Tess Gerritsen lives in Maine and that's what originally attracted me to her. So glad I found her!

Three teenagers have something in common. Their parents were killed the same week and the three kids survived. Now, their foster families are being murdered, too, and, again, the kids manage to escape. What connection could these kids have? Who wants them dead?

That's the mystery Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles must solve. It takes them to Evensong, the secluded private school in Maine the kids attend.

I really enjoyed this novel. The writing is crisp and the characters are believable and interesting. The focus switches from character to character so it's never boring.

Yay, I updated in a timely manner! Now, that I've figured out how to use the BlogPress app, it makes it so much easier to do it using my iPad.

I'm still trying to add a video but it keeps saying my YouTube password is wrong. I know it isn't because I tried it out at the YouTube site and it worked fine there. So, I've still got to twiddle with that. I took a video of Kylie reading to me. Yes! It happened, just as I thought it would. It made me realize that she's been able to read for a while, now, but, it's still a chore so she's been hiding it. When I challenged her, told her she'd be reading to me NEXT year, she took the bait. "Oh, I can read now, Grammy!" So I made her prove it. And she did! I hope to have it on here soon.

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