Monday, July 18, 2011


This is the other book I read about on NPR and downloaded then and there.  Boy, they were right!  Excellent YA novel!

It's some time in the future.  Lena is a senior in high school and can't wait to be cured.  The operation can't take place until she's eighteen and her birthday is three months away.  She's not sick...yet...and the operation will prevent her from contracting the disease of deliria, otherwise known as love.

Yes, they've developed an operation that quells humans from falling in love and destroying their lives.  Lena lives in Portland, Maine (ten minutes up I95 from where I live!), where all the adults live in harmony...boring, predictable harmony. 

After her operation and a few years in college, she'll be matched with a partner and they'll live happily every after.

But, in that last summer of freedom, she meets Alex who turns her world and thinking upside down.  Now, she doesn't want the operation.  But, can she find a way to stay whole?

Lauren Oliver's writing is beautiful.  Her descriptions are breath taking.  I especially loved her use of poetry (You know me and poetry!). 

Lena is spunky and brave and human and she wants to stay that way.

Two thumbs up for this book!


Merisi said...

The Human Condition is always an interesting subject. What is it that we really want?
Thank you for the book review!

Jessica said...

Think I'll certainly have to add this to my reading list. I love YA lately - so very creative. See you're reading the new Jennifer weiner now - can't wait for your review!