Friday, January 21, 2011

Catching Fire

I plunged right into this second novel in The Hunger Games trilogy but I probably should have waited a bit because it was just too much of the same thing for me to really enjoy it as much as the first book.  It was still good, but kind of boring because they go back into the arena and once was enough.

In this book Katniss is living a decent life with her mom and sister but the capitol is mad at her for outmaneuvering them in the first games that she won.  So, they come up with a new twist for the quarter games.  The new participants will be chosen from the past winners.  Of course, Katniss and Peeta are the ones who go for District 12.  It got a bit tedious.

I'll wait a bit before reading the last one in the trilogy.  I've already downloaded it so I'm definitely going to read it.


Literary Feline said...

I actually liked this one better than the first one, but I admit I did wait a little while in between before moving onto this one. My husband just finished reading the final book in the trilogy. I think he liked the first one best and would have been happy if the series ended there.

Anonymous said...

I liked Catching Fire the best out of them all but can't say that I disliked any of them. The last one took a little longer to get into but I got through it and was happy that I stayed with it. I hear they are starting production on a movie soon. Should be interesting to see the book come to life on the screen. ;)

Stephanie said...

This looks like a good book. I'll have to check it out.

Linda said...

i so agree with your comments. i think the story is kinda over after the first book. the other two are just a rehash of old material. glad you agree cause after reading the love-fest reviews on amazon, i thought i must be the only one who felt this way.