Monday, September 6, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

It took me awhile to get through this book.  Part of it was because I had my mom's funeral to organize (It was absolutely beautiful!) and part of it was because school started last week.  We had two days of teacher workshops and preparation then the kids came in on Wednesday for three days.  And it was so hot!  It was in the mid 90s and humid.  Our school doesn't have air conditioning so it was sweltering.

This book is divided into three parts.  It covers one year in the life of the author.  She spends four months in Italy seeking pleasure, four months in India at an ashram seeking god, and four months in Bali looking for balance.  I enjoyed the Italian part the most but found the Bali section the most informative.  It was a very interesting look at that Muslim island in Indonesia.  The middle section was a bit boring since nothing ever happens but her witty and beautiful writing kept me turning the pages. 

Now, I'm curious to see the movie even though it's getting likewarm reviews.  I'll wait until I can rent it.  Happy reading!


Literary Feline said...

I am glad your mother's funeral turned out well. Such a sad time, I'm sure.

Great time to come back to school--right in the middle of the summer heat! Hopefully it will cool down now that September is here.

It's been interesting to read people's reactions to this book. My boss read it this summer and hated it, but my coworker who got to it last week was really inspired by it and called it the best book she's ever read.

b said...

I too just finished reading this. It was a bit of too much "I". But as I told someone the other day if you don't want to read about a personal spiritual journey dont! I was very interested in the Pray (ashram) part but Bali also fascinated me too.


now I am reading Bucolic Plague by Josh of the Fabulous Beakman Boys. It is just funny!


I have a kindle and I really do miss the pages of a real book. But, after I am through reading I don't have a book to store! Mixed feeling to say the least.

Josh Hansbrough said...

Change is always a good thing for everyone. :) I rather pray before eat or love but thats not the point. hmm gonna check this one out. The Story sounds fun.