Sunday, April 11, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Another cloudy Sunday.  Cool, too.  But the lilac leaves are about an inch long and the crocuses have popped open.  The daffodils and irises are about 6 inches tall.  Spring is happening even though it snowed yesterday morning.

Tragedy struck Wednesday afternoon as I was getting ready to leave school.  I was rearranging my podium and it tipped over a bit and my Kindle flew onto the floor with a loud slap.  I'd bought a cover for it and the cover was on and is slightly padded so I hoped it would be okay. 

It wasn't.  I turned it on and half the screen was fine but the other half had verticle lines all over it.

When I got home, I called Amazon and explained what happened.  I knew the 1-year warranty didn't cover accidents so had my credit card ready to buy a new one.  (That's how addicted I am to it!)  But I just wanted to double check with the support person to see if something like this had been reported before and if there was anything I could do.  He had me hold the on/off switch for 15 seconds to reset it but that didn't do anything.

"It's dead"  he said.  "We'll send you a new one." 


"Yes, that shouldn't have happened with the cover on it."

Since I knew I'd be traveling to Florida on Sunday, I asked if I could pay extra to get it shipped overnight.  "No," he said.  "That's the way we'll ship it anyway."

And there it was Thursday afternoon!  I went to my archived items and was able to download all my books.

Can you tell how much I love Amazon right now?

Anyway, I'm still reading House Rules.  It's really good so far about a young man with Asperger's.  I'm only 14% of the way through and am looking forward to some uninterrupted reading on my flight this afternoon!

Have a good week!


Literary Feline said...

The daffodils and irises sound so lovely. Sounds like winter is trying to hold on a little longer in your part of the country. I'm glad spring isn't giving up the effort to take over though.

How awful about your Kindle! I'm so sorry. But how awesome that Amazon replaced it for free! And overnight! Now that's good customer service.

I hope you have a great week, Linda. Enjoy your reading and your trip!

Darlene said...

Wow, not good that you dropped it and all that but how great of Amazon to be so helpful and send a new one like that. I dropped my Sony reader last week and dinged the corner of it but thankfully it still worked. Not quite the same as dropping a good old-fashioned book.

No spring here yet. It's downright cold. We had snow last week but it melted pretty fast. Hope it gets warm for both of us soon!

Have a great week Linda!