Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Angel's Game

Good rainy morning. Yesterday was gorgeous with not a cloud in the sky...and then we woke up this morning all wet.

I did manage to sit in the sun yesterday reading for about an hour. Felt wonderful!

I'm glad I'm done with this book. I'm still not sure if I liked it. I'd be all set to give up on it when a really interesting scene would take place so I'd continue on.

It was mysterious, and ghostly, and very well written. The writing is what really sucked me in because the premise just didn't appeal to me.

David Martin is commissioned to write a book unlike any other ever written. But, who is the person who commissions him? Is he real or an angel or the devil? It all comes together at the end and makes sense but it was a long route to that point.

I started The School of Essential Ingredients yesterday and am over halfway through already. I'm loving it!


Literary Feline said...

I'm ready for a good rainy day! As long as the roof doesn't leak. I need to see about getting someone to take a look and make sure we're good for the winter. Not that I'm expecting lots of rain. I wish I was.

I'm hoping to read The Angel's Game one of these days. I'm sorry it's fallen in that in-between place for you. I've read a few books like that over the years.

Have a great week, Linda!

Maureen H said...

Hi Linda,
You reviewed Snow Flower and the Secret Fan a while ago. But, since you are a HS English teacher, I was wondering if you think the book can be used with HS students?

Thank you, Maureen

Paula Weston said...

I've been wondering about this one. I really enjoyed The Shadow of the Wind and have been cautious of picking up The Angel's Game in case it didn't live up to expectations. I'm still convinced I'm ready to give it a go. Thanks for the review.