Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Night Stalker by James Swain

Last Friday at the beginning of Silent Reading in my British Literature class, I held up two books, The Night Stalker and The Book of Lies and asked the kids which one I should read next. They all said, "The Night Stalker."

So, I tried it and was hooked right from the beginning. Smart kids!

Jack (I've read so many books lately with a Jack as the main character!) Carpenter is a former cop who now does private investigations to find missing children. He's hired by a man on death row to find his grandson. His intuition, values, and willingness to break the rules make for a very likeable character.

This is the second book starring Jack so now, I'm going to go back and read the first one. Hopefully, there'll be a third!


Joy said...

This is great news! I read the first and thought it was a standalone. I enjoy it very much. Here are my thoughts on Midnight Rambler.

barry said...

The paperback version of The Night Stalker has a continuity error. In chapter 27 he borrows his landlord's pickup truck because his car was backed into and had to be repaired. By chapter 29 (The next day) he is driving his car again. The book does not explain how this could occur.