Friday, February 13, 2009

Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs

Like her book Knit Two I was not sucked in right from the beginning. Too, too much telling about background info that could have been woven into the rest of it.

BUT, once that was done, I really got into the book and loved it.

Augusta is a cook on the CookingChannel and how she keeps herself fresh and deals with her two daughters' lives and the other people on her show makes for an enjoyable read.

I liked the backstage look at how a show is produced.

So, all in all, a winner!

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Dar said...

I really enjoyed this one too Linda. I think in the beginning you kind of expect the Friday Night Knitting Club or Knit Two kind of story but once you realize it isn't, you enjoy the story for what it is. I loved the whole cooking show aspect of it.