Thursday, July 3, 2008

Booking Through Thursday

What are you reading? is the question from Booking Through Thursday today.
I'm just about done with the dead & the gone by Susan Beth Pfeffer but I don't want it to end!
This is a companion book to her Life as We Knew It. It contains totally different characters but revolves around the same apocalyptic event. It's mesmerizing, to say the least!


Cheryl said...

I am almost done reading Hard to Get by Alyssa Brooks.

I plan to read next Aberrations by Penelope Prezekop

Julia said...

I might add this to my TBR pile, thanks! Was it difficult to read with different characters?

Happy BTT and have a good weekend ahead!

J. Kaye Oldner said...

Really? I read "Life as We Knew It" and enjoyed it. I wasn't planning on reading this next one, but you have me rethinking it.

Let me see if our library has a copy. :) LOL

Ruth said...

I saw those in Chapters the other day and almost picked them up. I might have to get them next time I'm there now.

I'm reading What Peace There May Bea by Susanna Barlow. It's a memoir about her years growing up in a polygamous community and is a really great read.

For weekend fluff, I picked up Rescue Me, the new romance anthology by Cherry Adair, Lora Leigh, and Cindy Gerard, but haven't started it yet.

Alix said...

I really liked Life as we knew it, was this as good. I head she's working on a third one set 17 years after the first book. It's about Miranda's half brother.