Monday, November 19, 2012

Danny's Mom

I had a hard time reading this book....not hard as in difficult to understand but hard emotionally. But I still couldn't put it down.

Beth Maller's son, Danny is killed in an automobile accident. She didn't want him to drive that night because he'd just gotten his license and snow was predicted. But her husband overrules her saying she's babying him and won't let him grow up. So, off he goes, never to return.

Beth blames her husband but also herself for not being stronger and more assertive. When she returns to her job as a high school guidance counsellor, her meekness is put to the test by a needy student, homophobic slurs against another teacher, and an uncooperative administration.

While reading this novel, I was Beth. I was back in high school dealing with teenagers and all their problems. How many times did I ignore issues so as not to sway the ship? How many students slipped through the cracks because I followed the rules? I'll be haunted by these thoughts and Beth for a long while.

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