Monday, July 2, 2012

The Innocent and Wheat Belly

I haven't read too many David Baldacci books because sometimes they just sound a bit too political but this one had an interesting summary so I decided to try it. Glad I did!

Robie is a hired killer, hired by our government to take out monsters. He has no problem doing that and he's excellent at it. One night he's hired to kill a woman but when he gets to her apartment and he sees her sleeping with her infant son, he can't do it. Suddenly, there is a shot. It misses Robie but kills the mom and child. Robie takes off, boards a bus, and meets Julie, a fourteen-year-old, also on the run.

Together, they must solve two mysteries: who killed the woman and child and who killed Julie's parents.

I'm a nutrition nut, always have been. I drove my kids nuts trying to make them eat right. But what is right? Well, I still don't know but this was an interesting look at wheat.

For years we ate only whole wheat bread. I used to make my own back in the seventies because it was unavailable in stores.

Then I read about blood type and, being a type O, I stopped eating wheat products...most of the time. I substituted with spelt, rice, and " gluten-free" breads.

This book made me stop that, though. I found out that the wheat produced now-a-days is not the same as ancient wheat; it's genetically modified to be bug resistant, produce larger yields, and grow faster and shorter. And it plays havoc with our systems. It has a really high glycemic index which causes spikes in our blood sugar, stores as fat, and makes us put on weight...thus, wheat belly.

So, starting a week ago today I stopped eating wheat, rice, spelt, and "gluten-free" products because they are made out of potato and rice flours which also have a high glycemic index. I feel great. I'm never hungry since the foods I'm eating digest slowly and keep me satisfied.

I'm sure I'll end up having some wheat but I'm going to make better choices overall. And if I lose a few pounds in the process, I'll be thrilled. I'm sick of my flubs! I'm not way overweight, or anything; I just have a bit of a spare tire I'd like to flatten. Maybe this will do the trick.

Here's what I had for lunch today: natural turkey breast from the grocery deli (no nitrates or nitrites) smeared with cream cheese and rolled with pepper jack cheese; raw green beans; and cottage cheese with hot pepper relish. Yum!

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Literary Feline said...

I confess I'm terrible when it comes to nutrition. I really need to take better care of myself. I know I want that for my daughter.

I've only read on Baldacci book, The Christmas Train, and I really liked it. I'll have to look for this one. It sounds like something I'd like.

Sal said...

Hey i like what you wrote, informative read on nutrition and the book review makes me want to read a Baldacci book. Came upon your blog from Sunday Salon. Thanks for the writeup.

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