Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stay Close and Pandemonium

I love Harlan Coben and liked this book so I have no idea why it took me almost three weeks to read it!  Okay, I guess I do know why and it has nothing to do with the book; it has to do with me.  I started playing Slotomania and got addicted!  My bad!

Anyway, this book follows a suburban soccer mom from her normal life of wife and mother of two kids to her prostitute past and her lost love.

Every year on Mardi Gras, a man goes missing.  But they were not nice men.  They were abusers and, really, no one wants them found.  But, mysteries must be solved.

This really is a page turner and if I hadn't been so involvled in playing slot games, I'd have finished it much sooner.

Then I ran out of coins!

So, I started Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver and couldn't put it down. This is the second in a trilogy and was even better than the first book. 

Lena has escaped from Portland,  Maine to avoid being cured from deliria (or Love) but her lover, Alex, got shot in the process.  Now, she is on her own in the Wilds.  She must create a new life without Alex. 

She becomes a member of the Resistance and disguises herself as a normal, cured, schoolgirl.  Her mission is to follow Julian, the son of an ardent supporter of the cure.  Julian is just hours away from his procedure.

I don't want to give too much away.  Suffice it to say that I read this book in two days.  And I won't even mention the ending...WOW!


Shelby Grey said...

I just finished this book a couple of days ago and it was amazing! I just posted about it and the first book in the trilogy on my own reading blog!

Literary Feline said...

A friend of mine just recently reread Delirium to prepare for Pandemonium. I really should give the trilogy a try.

I have only read one book by Harlan Coben, but I really enjoyed it. I need to read more by him.

Netherland said...

Harlan Coben's success as a writer is largely due to his characterization of both protagonist and villain. He creates his characters in such a way that makes the reader care what happens to them and with that ability he weaves a story with a terrific plot. In "Stay Close" Coben has again written a novel that is difficult to put down until read from cover to cover.

Deviating from his famous sports agent character Myron Bolitar, Coben introduces us to Detective Jack Broome of the Atlantic City police force. Broome has been troubled by an unsolved murder of Steward Green that occurred seventeen years ago leaving a wife and two children who cannot find closure because the body was never found. Now with a more recent case involving a lot of blood and no corpse, Broome begins to find similarities with other past unsolved cases.

The suspense and mystery increase as Broome finds that a missing piece of the puzzle has returned to Atlantic City after seventeen years. Megan Pierce a happily married woman with two children living in northern New Jersey has returned to Atlantic City on an impulse where seventeen years ago she led a fast paced life as a stripper and was a former girlfriend of Steward Green. Megan tries to find some closure herself, but can she keep her husband Dave from finding out her life with him was all built on lies.

Melinda Brasher said...

Delirium and Pandemonium sound interesting. I'm getting all sorts of books for my reading list. Thanks!