Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Something Borrowed

I read this book really quickly.  It started out pretty well but got ho hum towards the end.  I downloaded it because I saw the advertisement for the movie and it looked interesting.  I should have saved my money!  It was just a typical chick lit book and I usually try to steer clear of them because the ending is always so sweet.  And this one was no exception.  I saw it coming halfway through. 

Rachel and Darcy have been best friends since grammar school.  Now, Darcy is planning her wedding to Dex and Rachel is her maid of honor.  A few months before the wedding, after her birthday party, Rachel sleeps with Dex and they fall in love.  What to do?  Continue?  Break up?  Tell Darcy?  Like I said, ho hum.


Darlene said...

I know these books usually have no substance but I like to fit them in once in a while. lol. I read this one years ago and really don't remember much about it. I may reread when I need some chick-lity stuff to amuse me.

Custom Promotional Items said...

I actually want to see the movie first before I get to read the book.

Melanie said...

i'm so glad i read this cause i truely was contemplating reading it since everyone i work with is. thanks for the heads up!