Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Live wire

It was fun catching up with Myron Bolitar and the quirky characters in this series.  Myron is a sports agent who always gets too involved with his clients.  In this book, he gets a visit from a former tennis star who is now pregnant and married.  She asks Myron to investigate an upsetting posting on facebook that said, "Not his."  Now her husband has disappeared and Myron has to find him.

I love a book like this that catches my attention right away and doesn't let go.  A new Harlan Coben is always a treat.

As an added feature, this novel introduces Myron's nephew, Mickey, who will have his own YA novel in September.  I've already pre-ordered it!

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Darlene said...

I've heard mixed thoughts on this one. I still have his last one to read so I better do that first. lol. Glad you enjoyed it Linda. Have a great weekend!