Sunday, May 3, 2009


Good morning. We're on the coast of Maine opening our camper for the summer. I pedaled to the beach yesterday and it was beautiful.

In our school system, to get recertified every three years, we have the option of getting 75 hours of workshops/classes or completing a project. I opted for the project and am trying to find a comtemporary novel for our World Literature students to study.

I read this when it first came out but it kept popping into my head so decided to read it again to see if it would be appropriate for juniors and seniors in high school and I think it would be perfect. It's told from the male point-of-view which is good. Girls are willing to read books from a male POV but guys won't read anything from a female POV.

These kids have no idea what it's like in Afghanistan so it would give them a history lesson.

It contains all the great themes in literature of friendship, betrayal, selfishness, redemption, etc.

And it's just a can't-put-down story!

I think I've found what I was looking for! Now, we just have to find the money to order a set of the novels so I can test teach it next year.

Happy reading everyone!


zetor said...

Read good reviews about that book, but I've never read it myself, will add it to my ever increasing list.

Dar said...

This is a wonderful book and I think a good one for the students to read. It's always good to learn about countries other than your own.

It was beautiful here yesterday but today the wind has come in and you can barely stand. lol. I sure wish I lived close to a beach like you do-it just sounds heavenly.

Anonymous said...

Book sounds interesting will have to check it out.
My concern though is the acceptance of boys not wanting to read anything from a woman's POV. How will they ever respect a woman's POV if they are not challenged in that area? What does that say about what they think of the females they encounter everyday including their teacher?

Paula Weston said...

Great choice - and a great opportunity to have your students see news from Afghanistan in a different light.

I read this last year and really enjoyed it. Coincidentally, I watched the film version last Friday night, and then sobbed over the closing credits. The film definitely does the book justice (which is so hard to do!)

Lynne said...

I am behind and not read this highly recommended book yet, although I have read a number of other more recent books. (I can't read and paint at the same time, nor do I listen to books and paint at the same time.)

Everyone in both book clubs I'm in, highly recommend this. Wonderful reason to use in school and don't you wish it were easier to obtain funding? Sigh (I used to work in the school system, but "retired" before having children.)