Sunday, January 11, 2009

First Daughter

I'm sitting here looking outside at huge snowflakes coming down. We've got about 4 inches so far but it should wrap up soon.

I finished this book last night and was glad to be done with it. It contained just a little too many political scenes to please me. The story, itself, was good, though, and very timely. Basically, the president-elect's daughter is kidnapped and Jack McClure is asked to find her. Jack is dyslexic but has amazing intuitive powers. His daughter has died in an automobile accident and he has recently gotten divorced so he's a sympathic character.

How he figures out where the first daughter has been hidden and the maneuvers the powers-that-be go through with all their secrets makes for an interesting but disturbing read.

So, after all that seriousness, I figured something light was in order so I've started Fearless Fourteen. I needed a dose of Stephanie and Grandma and Lula!

Happy reading everyone!


Literary Feline said...

Enjoy Fearless Fourteen. Grandma Mazur is such a great character!

Have a wonderful week, Linda.

Dar said...

I've got this book on my tbr list to read but that's what has been holding me back-all the political stuff. I've never been much for politics.

We are currenlty in the middle of a blizzard. It is not nice at all. The wind is really bad and just blowing the snow in all directions. Definitely a day to stay in and read.

Enjoy Fearless Fourteen. I liked it. Grandmas Mazur cracks me up!

Cheryl said...

I thought this was a pretty good book.

Holly said...

I didn't read this one, my husband did when it arrived and he didn't like it either. I scratched it off my list!

J. Kaye said...

Linda, I tried my best to warm up to the book and never could. Political books aren't a turn off. I just couldn't get into the characters or story. Glad you finished it. :)