Saturday, September 13, 2008

Computer Woes

My computer crashed Wednesday night. It's presently in the hospital and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a full recovery! Thus, no image of the book. I'm using a school laptop and it doesn't have the features I'm used to. For example, if I pull up an image from Google, I can't right click to save it. Idon't get it!

Anyway, I finished 12 Sharp by Janet Evanovich and, as usual, I guffawed embarrassingly several times. Once I was in front of one of my classes during Silent Reading. Of course, the kids wanted to know what was so funny but, since it wasn't school appropriate, I couldn't tell them.

The other time, I was sitting in the beauty parlor waiting my turn with tears running out of my eyes, trying to control my mirth.

These books are just too much fun!


Dar said...

Oh no Linda, I hope you get it back soon, nothing worse than being without a computer. I'm glad you enjoyed 12 Sharp so much-I love that series. Too funny about laughing out loud in front of your class and at the beauty parlor. I've done that out in public a few times with books I've been reading too.

Anonymous said...

Sending well wishes to you computer. I totally understand how tough it can be.

Alix said...

They are so good I love that series.